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Prior to a disappointing loss to Ridgeway in their 2nd game of the season, we had GTown ranked at #2.

They are easily the biggest team in Middle School this year with a front court that includes Daniel Egbuniwe, Cam Miller, and Deshaun Dunn.

Egbuniwe may be the most underrated big in middle school this year, and at 6’3, he should have a breakout season.

Cam Miller is an athletic freak. He’s super long, fast&strong. In the post he will be a major defensive presence as well as a high level rebounder.

Deshaun Dunn’s motor is on a hundred! Look for him to cause opponents fits and be a major producer.

Germantown has the luxury of not only starting an 8th Grade front court, but back court as well.

Chris Martin will own the two spot. “CM Ballin’” as they call him is known for his patented volleyball line layups. His range will force defenses to stay honest.

Jhamal Ross will round out the starting lineup. He’s a pass first PG capable of getting a bucket when needed.


More 8th Graders! Tyler Byrd will be a big contributor for the Red Devils. He has nice size for a Guard and is big enough to bang in the post. He’s very athletic and may be the teams beat two-way player as he can score and defend.

Rayquan Williams is yet another solid guard. Williams is a young 8th grader that will be able sub in, give the starters a break, and the team won’t miss a beat.

7th grader Jordan Frison will get some varsity action this year. He’s scrappy on the defensive end and can score it on offense. As becomes acclimated to the speed of the varsity game look for him to be more and more productive.

RED DEVILS CLAIM TO FAME: Size & Experience.

RED DEVILS FATAL FLAW: Leadership & Free Throws.

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