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The most complete team in middle school this year, is poised to make a run for the jewelry, AND do it without a single blemish on their record!

They boast a roster with experience, size, and skill.

Their experience comes in the form of 8th Grade studs like Markese “Kibo” Washington and Chauncey Holmes.

Markese is easily one of the top players in the class of 2022, a long athletic kid that’s best at the 4 or 5, but can stretch out to the 3. Many will argue that Chauncey is also one of the class' elites. Standing over 6 ft, Chauncey is a smart guard that can get a bucket.

Add another 8th grader, Devin “Big Devin” Jackson, who is no stranger to competition and you already have a tough team.

Scary thing is, they have the most lethal mix of 7th graders in the city! Jamarion “Woody” Hardy is a walking bucket! “Snoody” Wilkinson is the best defender in the city, and nobody can stop him going left, NOBODY! Then there’s the 6th Man, Marcus “Lil Marcus” Crawford... (as you can see they got nicknames for days!) Lil Marcus is a high IQ PG that always seems to see the open man, but can put the ball in the hole too.

Khylan Payne, one of the city’s only 6 ft 6th graders will jump off the porch this season with some varsity action as well, and will surely be the next BIG thing!

Competition for this squad will be few and far between!

LIONS CLAIM TO FAME: Offensive weapons, Size, Defense


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