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December 10, 2018


1. LOWRANCE. SOLID across the board. They have a Top 3 player at every starting spot. They’re HUGE, with a 6’6, 6’5, & 6’1, they’re a MATCHUP NIGHTMARE for any opponent. Depth may be an issue and Some feel like they haven’t proven themselves vs. a “quality opponent”, well the Christmas tournaments are days AWAY. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2. BELLEVUE. They’re LOADED. Probably the deepest team in the city, and a SOLID starting 5. No “true bigs” though and strength of schedule is questionable BUT a MAM Championship would SURELY silence all the naysayers.

3. HIGHLAND OAKS. Lost to Ridgeway early but since then they have beaten Ridgeway and Lester. They have the best backcourt in the city, and a solid frontcourt, including a 6’5 big that’s making a name for himself. They face Lester again in a couple of weeks, the outcome will mean A WHOLE LOT!

4. RIDGEWAY. Ridgeway probably has the best collection of guards of any team, a prolific scorer, and versatile 6’4 big. The team seems to struggle a bit when their go to guy isn’t on. An OT win vs. Lester, a split with Highland Oaks, and a close call against Havenview proves that they aren’t invincible.

5. LESTER. Tenacious Defense and a dangerous group of guards, to go with a big that’s big enough to be nicknamed the “Big Ticket” and you have a potent string of starters. BUT depth is an issue and they haven’t been able to close out a big game. They lost at Ridgeway to Ridgeway AND to Highland Oaks at Lester. The Rematches will show if they’re good or great.

HONORABLE MENTION. Easy, it’s Havenview. They won the MLK convincingly and almost upset Ridgeway. A big win could put them in the 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣‼️


Congratulations to the Bobcats of Bellevue Middle School and the RoadRunners from Ridgeway on their State Sectional Championships!

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