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The Ridgeway RoadRunners have been one of the most impressive teams in Middle School.

They might have the toughest schedule in all of Middle School as they have already played two other Top 5 teams this early in the city. They had an impressive win against a much bigger Germantown squad and a loss against #1 Lester Prep.

Clearly much of the RoadRunners success can be attributed to their exceptional coaching staff. Coach Jarvis “J-Rock” Stephen is the head coach, with years and years of experience at the middle school level and on the AAU circuit AND a true student of the game. He is assisted by Coach Eric Winfrey. Winfrey has been with the program 12 years. He is the team’s trainer, statistician, and most importantly a role model. Let us not forget he is a self proclaimed “soccer guru”. And finally, former Memphis Tiger standout THE Ernest Smith is the final member of this star studded coaching staff.

Ridgeway is a well rounded squad that’s solid at every position.

In the backcourt they start two 7th graders; EJ Smith, one of the best players in the class, a long, scoring machine that can score it from anywhere, and ABSOLUTELY DOESN’T MISS FREE THROWS! Simeon Powell joins EJ and is another kid capable of filling up the scorebook.

Christopher “Chip” Brunt will hold down the wing position. He’s a do-I️t-all swingman with nice length that can contribute in so many different ways.

The front court is yet another reason why the RoadRunners have been so successful. Khristian Spencer is a BEAST! Amazingly athletic, Spencer does everything. He rebounds, defends, attacks the rim, and NEVER takes a play off! He has been and will continue to be big for Ridgeway. Partner Spencer with big dog Bear Miles and you have a potent front court. Bear IS A MAN, tall, lean, strong, athletic, he will shine all season long. Expect him to be big on the boards and one of the more consistent scorers.

Ridgeway has a young bench but those young guys are all capable of giving the starters adequate breaks. Tyler Wilson is a 6th grade monster! He's probably the strongest most athletic kid in the class. He has already been able to step in and give solid minutes. Javion "Lil Jay" Stephen is a sharp shooting sniper that is capable of checking in a doing what needs to be done.

All of the above is reason enough for the RoadRunners to be the best large school in the city.

ROADRUNNERS CLAIM TO FAME: Coaching,Discipline, & Athleticism in the Front Court.


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