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Why play in a tournament Thursday through Sunday, playing teams you really don’t wanna play, in the gym all day, kids spending up your PPP loan in the concession stand, ripping and running all over the city, for boring games that you can care less about when you really only wanna see THAT ONE GAME…

Come on down to the Association where it’ll cost you a little of nothin’, the competition is tough and, it may be a little bit of cussin, prolly a little mo’ fussin’, & them nachos & smoke sausage gon be bustin!

SPECIAL THANKS to GitUpWitMe and In The Den With Fred, these two guys always come through for MBA and were BIG contributors to our VERZUZ.

Every time we host an event GITUPWITME calls and asks what we need from him. It’s NEVER about money and always about the kids.

IN THE DEN WITH FRED is the same way. He’s always gonna pull up and provide the FIRE footage.

We APPRECIATE you guys more than words can express!

And Yes, IT'S OFFICIAL, VERZUZ will be back, Aug. 7&8 for another round of games. The lineup & schedule will be announced later this week. 

Click the images below to read about recent VERZUZ match-ups.

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